Intro startup assembly code

Amiga OS

Intro startup assembly code

  • Nils Thiebosch
  • 01-06-2023 04:51:56

When starting an intro on the amiga you want that all processes belonging to the OS are frozen and stored away.
This is my startup code that holds and stores the system, inits a copper and starts the vertical blank interupt that is called 50 times per second to run your code for the demo 

	movem.l d0-a6,-(sp)

	move.l	4.w,a6
	jsr	-132(a6)

	lea	$dff000,a6
	move.w	$02(a6),d0
	or.w	#$8000,d0
	move.w	d0,DMACon

	move.w	$1c(a6),d0		
	or.w	#$c000,d0
	move.w	d0,IntEna
	move.w	#$7fff,$96(a6)
	move.w	#$7fff,$9a(a6)
	move.l	$6c.w,OldIRQ
	move.l	#NewIRQ,$6c.w
move.b #$87,$bfd100 move.l #tr_coplist_view, $080(a6) clr.w $088(a6) move.w #$87c0,$96(a6) ; Enable DMA move.w #$c020,$9a(a6) ; Enable IRQ move.l #$00000000,$144(a6) .1 btst #6, $bfe001 bne.b .1 lea $dff000,a6 move.w #$7fff,$96(a6) move.w #$7fff,$9a(a6) move.l OldIRQ(pc),$6c.w move.w IntEna(pc),$9a(a6) move.l 4.w,a5 move.l $9c(a5),a1 move.w #$7fff,$96(a6) move.l 38(a1),$80(a6) move.w #$0000,$88(a6) move.w DMACon(pc),$96(a6) bsr.b WaitBlitter jsr -138(a5) movem.l (sp)+, d0-a6 moveq #0,d0 rts ** ------------------------------- ** DMACon: dc.w 0 IntEna: dc.w 0 OldIRQ: dc.l 0 OldView: dc.l 0 GfxBase: dc.b 'graphics.library',0,0 ** ------------------------------- ** ** ** ------------------------------- ** WaitVb: move.l $dff004,d0 and.l #$1ff00,d0 cmp.l #300<<8,d0 bne.b WaitVb rts ** ------------------------------- ** ** ** ------------------------------- ** WaitBlitter: ; Wait until blitter is finished tst.w $dff000 ; for compatibility with A1000 .1: btst #6,$dff002 bne.s .1 rts ** ------------------------------- ** ** ** ------------------------------- ** NewIRQ: movem.l d0-a6, -(a7) lea $dff000,a6 .showRasterTime: ; btst #2,$016(a6) ; bne.s .exitIRQ ; bsr.b WaitBlitter ; move.w #$0840, $180(a6) .exitIRQ: move.w #$0020,$09c(a6) move.w #$0020,$09c(a6) movem.l (a7)+, d0-a6 rte

I know it can be much better but this works for me


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